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About WCFP

We are driven by a passion for exercise and the science that supports how it can be used to help people change their lives with an improved outcome. As your expert fitness professionals we are committed to helping you reach your health and fitness goals and improving your overall quality of life.
The health and fitness industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past 20 years and we have always realized the importance of incorporating the latest science based innovations into our style and system of training. This has enabled us to develop extremely effective and efficient exercise programming that delivers optimal results.
In founding WCFP our goal was to integrate the work of doctors, physical therapists, and nutritionists with the skills and knowledge of trained and experienced exercise specialists and through this collaborative effort offer an unprecedented level of professional service that yields consistent RESULTS.
In designing and building our Integrated Fitness Center we desired to create an environment and unique training experience that will ensure each candidate’s success.


Joseph Hunt, Owner, CSCS, CES, CPT

















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